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FreeSewing v2.22 is out, and will be the final minor release before v3

We have released version 2.22 of FreeSewing. As always, a minor version bump indicates a new design, and this time it's the Octoplushy design by Wouter.

FreeSewing 2.21 adds Bob, Hi, Lucy, Noble and Unice designs

We've rolled out FreeSewing v2.21 today, and it's a massive update with tons of changes, improvements, and behind the scenes work. Check the CHANGELOG if you'd like get all the nitty-gritty detail. For this blog post, I'll focus on what you are probably going to be most interested in: New designs.

FreeSewing 2.20: Would you like it smaller?

I'm happy to announce that we've released FreeSewing 2.20, which comes with a feature request that was on our roadmap: Better support for doll clothes. We have some passionate doll enthusiasts in our community which make sense when you consider that our patterns adapt seamlessly to all sorts of measurements, including those of dolls.

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