Say hi to our latest pattern: The Hortensia handbag

February 13, 2021
An example Hortensia made by the designer

I'm happy to announce the immeadiate availability of our latest FreeSewing pattern: the Hortensia handbag.

Hortensia's origin story traces back to @stoffsuchti who wanted to create a pattern for a handbag, and was looking for somebody who could implement that design in code.

It was Wouter who answered the call and implemented the pattern, making this another success story from the FreeSewing community.

No measurements needed

This is the first pattern on FreeSewing that does not require any measurements to make. There's some options you can choose โ€” to control the size of the handbag for one thing โ€” but since this is a handbag, no measurements are needed.

This makes Hortensia a great project to make as a gift, since there's no need to worry about fit.

Now show us yours

If you do make a Hortensia, do send us pictures.

written byJoost De Cock

Joost is FreeSewing's maintainer. As an introvert, he enjoys making clothes and shoes since you don't have to leave the house to do so ๐Ÿ™ˆ

You can follow him as j__st on Twitter or joostdecock on Github.